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A strong, versatile building solution.
The QL-Series truss arch design makes it the most robust model in the Utility line of buildings and is ideally suited for a variety of industrial storage and agricultural uses.
Building Widths:
32', 40', 42', 50', 55', 63', 65', 70' and 72' to any length
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Steel Framework
Norseman's QL-Series buildings use high quality galvanized steel tube to provide our customers with a product unmatched in the industry. Known for its superior corrosion protection, your QL-Series steel goes through a three step process starting with a layer of 99.99% pure zinc being applied to the surface. This layer is then topped with a conversion coating followed by a clear organic topcoat that seals the surface with a smooth finish. This triple layer provides a much higher corrosion protection coating than the traditional single layer of zinc.
Truss Specifications
Widths 32', 40', 42', 50', 55'
  • 14 gauge, 2 3/8" diameter round steel tube
  • 12" truss depths
  • 1" structural webbing
Widths 63', 65', 70', 72'
  • 14 gauge, 2 7/8" diameter round steel tube
  • 24" truss depth
  • 1" structural webbing
Options & Accessories
Mechanical - Passive ventilation; Ridge vents; Electric louvers or fans
Electrical - Electrical - standard or custom; Lighting; Emergency lighting
Doors - Personnel (standard or with panic hardware); Overhead (sectional, rolling steel, rubber, high speed); Canopies
Other - Insulation (Reflective foil); Metal cladding; Flooring; Pallet racking / shelving
Foundation Options
Foundation options are varied and may include, but are not limited to:
  • Concrete piles
  • Poured in place concrete walls
  • Precast concrete walls
  • Precast concrete blocks
  • Concrete pad
  • Steel post
  • Screw piles
  • Shipping containers
Fabric Colors
Our standard 12oz/yd2, 23mil high performance cover fabric is manufactured specifically for your building and is available in a variety of colors. Fire retardant (FR) fabric is also available when required by your local building code. You can choose from either a highly translucent cover material or blackout fabric which is also available when natural light is not required.
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