Some Factors to Consider before you buy:
Steel Strength
         Norseman Structures use of larger diameter webs as well as thicker gauge steel in our truss chords, thus preventing any "punch through".

         Norseman Structures use larger diameter roof purlins and heavier cables to resist the fabric tension loads, as well as to provide stability bracing for the roof trusses

Snow & Wind Loads
          Norseman Structures understands wind will not blow snow off buildings under certain temperature and humidity conditions and considers all combinations of combined snow and wind loads required by the Building Codes.

Enclosure Category
          Norseman Structures design all door frames and components to resist the design wind speeds. In buildings with large openings or fabric doors, Norseman Structures designs the building structure to resist the additional wind pressures caused by the openings in accordance with the building codes.

Thermal Factor
          Norseman Structures uses the correct thermal factor of 1.2 for the design of unheated fabric buildings.
Fabric buildings are an excellent solution for countless applications and we know you want to get the best building for your investment. 
Norseman Structures is a strong, reliable company and a subsidiary of Norseman Group, which has been in the fabric structure business since 1921. If you want a high quality product engineered to withstand the challenges of Mother Nature, and can be customized to meet your project needs then Norseman Structures building is right for you. 
Here at Jeremy Lynn, LLC, we provide quick delivery and help you determine the right building model, size and design for your project. 

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To help you make the right choice, download our 'Before You Buy' worksheet.
Before you buy worksheet